What will YOU do in 2017?

Support victims of domestic violence by providing a gift card

$825 raised

$1,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!


What would YOU do with a gift card?

What would YOU do with a gift card?

A woman fleeing for safety could use a gift card to buy pajamas for her children to wear when she tucks them into bed at a shelter.

A grocery card could provide a comforting meal for a family in a safe place - away from an abusive home.

A woman forced to flee her home with only her children and the clothes on their backs could refill her child's asthma medication.

A gift card ensures that a child exposed to domestic violence and can't stay at home can go to school with a backpack full of supplies and clean clothes.

A transit card enables a victim of domestic violence to get safe transportation to legal, medical and court appointments so that she can receive the services she needs to leave her abuser.

Please support the MCFJC Foundation in 2017! YOU can help change the lives of families affected by domestic violence this year.

For most of us, a gift is an opportunity to splurge on something fun or indulgent.
For a victim of domestic violence, a gift card can be a life-line that helps transform her into a survivor.

Gift cards and donations can also be mailed to: MCFJC Foundation ~ PO Box 10692 ~ Rockville, Maryland 20849

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